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Parable Theater

It's simple really...


We tell stories that inspire, uplift, motivate and challenge. We want to connect with people. All types of people, everywhere! We truly believe that the Bible is filled with stories that reflect modern day situations and is replete with the answers to the questions that we ask ourselves daily. We also see God's word reflected in some of the most compelling everyday experiences around us.


So what do we do? We tell stories...some of them biblical. Some of them not. All of them meant to leave you with an experience that will help you navigate life in abundance.


By providing illustrative context from a modern perspective, we hope to give our audience new insights into stories that are already familiar to them. We will explore both the human and spiritual experiences of the characters and delve into the why of the decisions that they make.

Jen Manswell


What we believe

  • We believe in a sovereign God of three persons, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit - a God who loves us without condition.

  • We believe in salvation through grace, made possible by Jesus Christ's death, burial and resurrection.

  • We believe that the Bible is the inerrant truth of God's heart for His people.

  • We believe it is in intimacy with God that abundant life happens. His love for us empowers us. Our love for Him creates the desire to change. His presence in our lives transform us.

We give you the deliver the audience

It's strange. We know. A theater company that will pay for the production of an entire show. But that's what we do. We offer the show to your audience for free and your task would be to deliver that audience. We are an evangelistic tool if you will. A way to convey God's love without judgement. But with the intent of fully exposing biblical and historical truths. Reach out to us. We are happy to discuss providing you with a performance.

We will bring the show to you...FOR FREE

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