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We couldn't have done it without you

There are several organizations that supported us through the launch of Parable Theater. Here's a little bit about what who they are and what they do:


Patrick Schmitz

Schmitz n Giggles Website Logo FINAL.png

Schmitz 'n Giggles Theater Company


Whether you're a performer, a spectator, or just a fan of comedy, you're always sure to find a genuine, collaborative, experience. SnG formed in 2008 with Rudolf the Pissed off Raindeer. Since then, we've put together a variety of shows that bring out the best in Milwaukee's local talent.

Schmitz n Giggles is here for more than just putting on shows. We focus on collaboration from beginning to end, so that everyone from established actors and writers, to up-and-coming talent, to even audience members are engaged and energized by Schmitz n Giggles. It's not enough to just be funny, it's about cultivating a talented community and supporting it throughout the full process. Join us as a writer or as an actor, take in a show as an audience member, or share your other talents to help us laugh and grow!

Legacy Muisk.jpg

Legacy Musik

Legacy white.png

Legacy Musik


Legacy is a Life Musik Hip-Hop artist whose motivation is to see the world become a better place for this, and future generations. Legacy uses every performance opportunity to not only entertain, but to bring Life to a new way of perceiving one's situation. He believes that if a person is equipped with the right mindset, the solutions to life’s challenges can emerge. Thus, his Musik is crafted to inspire, encourage and uplift. With live instrumentation, hard pounding beats and musical undertones that transcend genres, Legacy has created a sound that is explosive, edgy and powerful.

Jessica Sosnoski.jpg

Jessica Sosnoski


The Company of Strangers Theater


COS is dedicated to providing quality theatrical productions that reflect the essential aspects of life from a philosophical and theological perspective. We encourage our cast, crew, and audience members of all religions to ask the hard questions about the nature of man’s depravity, the need for a perfect ethical standard, and the consequences of our choices. While not an “evangelical” organization with a mission to win converts, The Company ever brings to light that only Christ and His Law serves as a satisfactory answer to our broken society. The truth of God’s Word can be seen everywhere – not merely in “clear cut Christian messages” – and the Company desires to manifest that truth through the art of theater, thereby reclaiming the purpose of storytelling on stage.

Deleono Johnson.jpg

Deleono Johnson


Omniverse Media Group


Omniverse Media Group is a Milwaukee based, Business to client photography and videography company. We are a team of creatives that produces photography/videography content for local talent and business for promotion. With our team's experience in the industry we have the ability to coach clients in front and behind the camera. Our services are capturing events, special occasions, and portraits. This will include videography (Ground/Aerial) and Photography. Our clients range from family, business company and talent. Our Photography will offer all round photography services. This means that we will cover wedding photography, child photography- where we capture the milestone of every baby from infancy to late childhood, capturing of nature and landscapes, beauty coverage- pageants, modelling shows, and company events, as well as other areas too numerous to mention.

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